Borehole Pump Water Deep Well Automatic Pressure Switch Flow Control Submersible

Borehole Pump Water Deep Well Automatic Pressure Switch Flow Control Submersible

Borehole Pump Water Deep Well Automatic Pressure Switch Flow Control Submersible

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Workshop and Spare parts service. SELECTION 1: 2.5 BOREHOLE-STAR 250-5 Pump. SELECTION 2: 2.5 BOREHOLE-STAR 550-5 Pump. SELECTION 3: 3 BOREHOLE-STAR 750-5 Pump.

SELECTION 11: AQUA-10-Automatic Controller, wired. Connection diagram AC10 with well pump. SELECTION 12: AQUA-3-Automatic Controller, wired.

Connection diagram: AQUA-3 with borehole pump. SELECTION 13: Flow Monitor TEEPRES®, Automatic-Controller wired with intelligent self monitoring functions.

Connection diagram: Flow Monitor TEEPRES® and borehole pump. SELECTION 14: Flow Monitor PRESFLO® Automatic Controller wired with intelligent self monitoring functions.

Connection diagram: Flow Monitor PRESFLO and borehole pump. 2.5" & 3" BOREHOLE PUMPS BOREHOLE-STAR and FLOW CONTROLLER - Free Choice. Variants Deep Well Pump BOREHOLE-STAR with Flow Controller. For deep wells up to a depth of ca. 25m and a minimum diameter of 75mm. For application in environmental protection.

Ideal for lowering ground water. Problem solver for narrow wells. Powerful, reliable, solid, high quality multi-stage deep well pumps. With suitable pump controllers (flow monitors).

Capacitor integrated in the pump (a definite advantage as wiring is no longer required by electricians). Robust stainless steel housing with brass parts. No suction of bottom sediment by lateral suction. High quality encapsulated electric motor.

These robust, stable deep well pumps in high quality craftsmanship for deep boreholes are made from stainless steel. A borehole pump is preferred to a booster pump as it is more effective and more energy-saving.

Moreover, there are no problems with suction line and noise emmission. Our borehole pumps are frost-proof and need not be protected against frost in winter.

These borehole pumps deliver water at the same high pressure. Thanks to their design, our borehole pumps significantly deliver more water than other pumps with similar consumption of electric energy.

We therefore genuinely refer to these as ENERGAY-SAVING PUMPS! 2.5- Borehole Pump BOREHOLE-STAR 250-5 Power 250 Watt; Max. 2.5- Borehole Pump BOREHOLE-STAR 550-5 Power 550 Watt; Max.

3- Borehole Pump BOREHOLE-STAR 750-5 Power 750 Watt; Max. Flow Monitor AQUA-10 - Automatic-Controller, Wired. We recommend the use of AC10 in combination with the above-mentioned borehole pumps if the installed switching device is frost and poisture-proof. In this combination, several 1000 piece pumps have been in use for several years. The pump control automatically turns the pump on and off as needed.

The flow controller has an in-built dry running protection. If there is no water available after switching on the pump (empty cistern), the flow controller will automatically switch off the pump (dry run protection).

A check valve is also integrated into the flow controller. This prevents the emptying of pipe systems on the consumer side. The pressure gauge monitors the switch-on pressure and the pressure in the system. The switching device is not suitable for pumps having a pressure significantly below 1.5 bar.

The flow controller AC 3 is only recommended in combination with the BOREHOLE-STAR 750-5. It automates and controls the switching on of the pump. It monitors the pressure in the pipe system from the pump to the consumer. When water is removed from the pipe system, pressure decreases.

If the pressure drops below 1.5 bar, the flow monitor switches on the connected device e. This provides the consumer with water again.

If the consumer closes a tap for instance, water flow reduces and the pump is switched off. This special feature of this flow monitor is the built-in dry-running protection. The pressure gauge displays the pump pressure and is good for monitoring the system. Flow Monitor TEEPRES® - Automatic-Controller, Wired.


With connection for 2 pressure lines directly to the device! Flow Monitor PRESFLO® - Automatic-Controller, verkabelt. Intelligent PUMP CONTROL PRESFLO®- for automatic switching on of the pump (if needed), integrated mini-pressure tank, dry-run protection and leak monitoring with built-in check valve and pressure gauge (no pressure regulator). Due to special protective coating of electronics, the flow montior PRESFLO® can be used in cisterns/pump shafts. Installation instructions must always be observed. The status display shows when the pump is running, which is particularly important for borehole pumps. 2.5" BOREHOLE-STAR 250-5 / 2.5" BOREHOLE-STAR 550-5 / 3 BOREHOLE-STAR 750-5. Flow Controller AQUA 10 / AQUA 3 / TEEPRES® or PRESFLO® (wired).

2.5- Borehole Pump BOREHOLE-STAR 250-5. Optimum efficiency at 25l/min (1500l/h) and 30m Förderhöhe. Connection: 1 inch internal thread brass connector. Brass filter on inlet side. Cable: 1.5m flat cable (blue) & ca.

18m round cable with EU plug. Very thin with a diameter of only 66mm. Width with side cover ca. Capacitor integrated in the pump (no connection box). Sealing: oil chamber with brass cover.

Number of pressure stages: 17. Not suitable for solar power.

2.5- Borehole Pump BOREHOLE-STAR 550-5. Optimum efficiency at 25l/min (1500l/h) and 56m discharge head.

Cable: 1.5m flat cable & ca. Very thin with a 66mm diameter.

Number of pressure stages: 31. 3- Borehole Pump BOREHOLE-STAR 750-5. Pressure side connection: 1.25 inches internal thread.

Cable: 1.5m flat cable & 18m round cable with EU plug. Very thin with a 75mm diameter. No suction of bottom sediment.

Connection via 2.54cm (1 inch) external thread. Operating voltage: 110 - 230V at 50/60 Hz.

Switch-on pressure: 1 - 3.5 bar (adjustable). Preset switch-on pressure: 1.5 bar (ideal for most applications). High quality rubble cable H07RN-F. Switch on pressure: 1.5bar (ideal for most applications). Input connection via 2.54cm (1 inch) external thread.

Output connection via 2.54cm (1 inch) internal thread. Voltage: 230V AC at 50Hz.

Cable length: ca 0.5m plug & ca. Suction connection: 1 inch external thread (BSP). Pressure connection (2 pieces): 1 inch internal thread (BSP).

Operating pressure: 10 bar (150 PSI). Burst pressure: 40 bar (580 PSI).

Flow Monitor PRESFLO® - Automatic-Controller, wired. 16 A for 3 seconds. Shoutdown flow (Qa): 2 L/min (0.5 GPM). Connections: 1 inch external thread (BSP). Operating pressure: 10 bar (145 PSI). We regularly check the product quality of our suppliers and guarantee the best quality and durability for long enjoyment of our products. For used goods, this is reduced to 12 months. If we provide a further guarantee, this is listed in the item description. For used goods this can be ruled out. Write to us and we will solve the problem together! So you is more helpful and us too! We strive constantly to improve the quality and service.

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